Upcoming Events

4th Annual Life in Japanese! Get-Together

February 12th from 10am to 3pm, at the Tsukuba Science Information
Center (beside Nova Hall) *please use the paid parking lot

This is an event for foreigners living in Japan, and for the Japanese who
support them. There will be stamp rallies, hands-on booths, quizzes,
and by collecting the points you can win prizes!

1st Section 10am-12pm
Fun events, quizzes for all ages, Japanese culture hands-on booths
(origami, rubber-band guns, etc)
Meet-and-greet 12pm-12:30
Time for some of Tsukuba’s delicious baked goods! 300yen buys you 3
baked goods and a drink *vegetarian available
2nd Section 12:30-3pm
Japanese games, calligraphy, juggling, kana speed-writing contests (see
how far you can get in 3min!), Kanji guessing contests (see how many of
the cards you can read)
Discussions (3rd floor, grand hall)
Discussions are held in Japanese, but to facilitate everyone taking part
there will be translation and interpretation provided in English, Chinese,
and Portuguese.

a. International Youth Meeting (junior/high school)
Theme:Getting ready for high school in Japan
A chance to hear the opinions of various situations, such as those who
have passed their exams and will be attending high school, those who
are still considering it, and those who have never been educated in

b. Adult Round-Table Discussion
Theme: Lessons Learned from 3/11
A frank discussion about thoughts on Tsukuba’s social situation after
living through the 3/11 disaster, what needs to be considered and
improved, and especially about the current way citizens interact with
each other.

Hope to see you there^^


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