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Here’s your weekly radiation update^^

Air           Sewage           Water            Milk             Poultry/Eggs



6 thoughts on “Radiation Updates”

    1. Hi! Glad we can help^^
      There is currently information about seafood on the website already, from last time, but new info should be added sometime in the next week. It usually gets updated about once or twice a month (we have to wait for the info from the ministries). Unfortunately there has been no information about seaweed as of ye, sorry.

    1. And mushrooms! From what we know of Chernobyl, mushrooms, blueberries, sunflowers, and nuts have very high absorption rates for cesium. But, other than mushrooms, everything in Ibaraki appears to be well below problematic levels.

  1. Just to follow up on my earlier post, a buddy of mine (who is an MD) wrote up a post last March in response to fears in Vancouver regarding radiation from Japan. One of the many things that he points out is that the typical radiation level in foods, as standard, are:

    Milk: 40 to 50 Bq/L
    Powdered milk: 400 to 500 Bq/kg
    Concentrated fruit juice: 600-800 Bq/L
    Instant coffee: >1000 Bq/kg

    The source for this is: Food chemistry – Hans-Dieter Belitz, Werner Grosch, Peter Schieberle – Google Books http://bit.ly/xjr3pY

    The whole post is available on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=10150161390872412

    If you don’t have access, I have his permission to post the whole thing. This fear of radiation is *way* overblown.

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