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Bewitching Northern European Art Nouveau from the Shiokawa Collection

Royal Copenhagen, Bing & Grondahl


The Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum is hosting some beautiful pieces of Art Nouveau ceramic from the famous Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl makers. Ending this Sunday, March 18th, the exhibition covers a period from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century.

Though Royal Copenhagen its ‘blue fluted’ and ‘ear-plate’ series, the Art Nouveau period of roughly 100 years prior they were the leaders of the ceramic world with their pale gradations of colored glaze and rainbow-colored crystalline glazes. With motifs taken from plants and insects, the beauty of form and purity of color took the grand prize at the 1900 Paris World Fair, during the peak of the Art Nouveau period.

Japanese artists who visited that exhibition were stimulated by the gap between these works and the tradition-dependent pieces being produced domestically. Due to this exposure, Japan’s most famous ceramic artists were heavily influenced to innovate their designs and study new glazing techniques.

This exhibition is being presented with the collaboration of the Yokohama-based collector Hiroshi Shiokawa, and in addition to exhibiting the rarely seen varied pieces of Royal Copenhagen and Bing & Grondahl work from the Art Nouveau period will also include glazed works from the late Meiji period in Japan.

9:30-5pm, closed on Mondays. Admission: adults – 700yen, high school/university – 500yen, elementary/junior high – 250yen.

By train: take the Joban line to Tomobe, and catch the ‘Kasama Kanko Shuyu Bus’ (100yen, 20min); or, transfer at Tomobe to the Mito line, get off at Kasama and take a taxi (5min).

By car: taking the Kita-Kanto Expressway, 10min from the Tomobe IC, 15min from the Kasama IC; taking the Joban Expressway, 25min from the Iwama IC, 30min from the Mito IC.

Original link here (Japanese)


Tsukuba Orchid Exhibition

Orchids are the most abundantly varied plants on earth. The Tsukuba Botancial Garden’s ‘Tsukuba Orchid Exhibition’ highlights ‘The Diversity and Future of Orchids’. As you enjoy flowers both beautiful and strange, you will be introduced to the strategies being designed to prevent the disappearance of them due to a worsening environment.

Included are, the Nioi-ebine Orchid, and the World’s Wild Orchids. The Nioi-ebine Orchid is only found in the Izu Islands, and due to its highly valued fragrance and beauty has almost become extinct. However, thanks to the success of artificial cultivation it is now beginning to flourish again. Here is a chance to experience it in person.

The World’s Wild Orchids displays rare and beautiful orchids from around the world. In addition, there is a photo exhibit of ‘Wild Orchids from the Izu Islands’, and displays from the local Tsukuba Orchid Club.

From March 11th to 20th, 9-4:30pm, open everyday. Admission: adults – 300yen, high school and under/65 and older – free.

Near the Tsukuba University of Technical Amakubo Campus. Accessible via the weekend Science Bus Tour (500yen, unlimited rides).

Original link here (Japanese)


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