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Endangered Plants and Reviving Izura

The Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art, Ibaraki is hosting a special exhibition as part of a memorial of last year’s earthquake disaster. With the help of the collections of the Modern Museum of Art, Ibaraki, and the University of Ibaraki, famous works of Japanese painting by artists who have a long connection with Izura have been assembled. From Yokoyama Taikan to Hirayama Ikuo, these are the artists who embraced Tenshin’s ideals and developed Japanese painting to the fullest.

Runs from March 2nd to April 8th, 9:30-5pm (closed on Mondays). Admission: adults – 180yen, high school/university – 110yen, elementary/junior high – 80yen.

By car: 15min from the Iwaki Nakoso IC on the Joban Expressway; or, 15min from the Kita-Ibaraki IC on the Joban Expressway (either way, take Kokudo 6).

By train: take the Joban line to Otsuko, either catch the bus, take a taxi or walk. Original link (Japanese)


The Ibaraki Nature Museum and conservation park is holding its 54th Special Exhibit from March 10th to June 10th, using local endangered plants as the theme.

Despite Japan being very limited in space it is blessed with a wide variety of plants, numbering up to 7000 including pollinating and self-propagating varieties. However, due to land development, gardening, and lack of care for nearby woods and swamps, the formerly stable ecosystems are being disrupted and many plants are in danger of becoming extinct.

The Ministry of the Environment has designated roughly one quarter of domestic plants, totaling 1690 species, as endangered, and is taking steps to protect them. In addition, in order to preserve our way of life it is necessary to do more than just protect the designated species, we must also maintain bio-diversity.

This exhibition is designed to consider a collective future for both humans and plants, by examining the conditions of endangered species, and introducing the strategies developed to protect them. The nearby conservation park even hosts some of the plants, and focuses on strategies to encourage their survival.

The museum is located in between Bando and Moriya, and is accessible by car via the Joban Expressway, 20min from the Yawara IC. By public transportation, there are two routes; take the Tsukuba Express and get off at Moriya, catch the bus heading for ‘Iwai’, and get off at the Ibaraki Nature Museum stop, walk 5min. Or, take the Tobu Noda line to Atago, catch the express bus heading for ‘Iwai Parking Lot’, get off at the Ibaraki Nature Museum stop and walk 10min.

Open 9:30-5 every day except Mondays, and every day during Golden Week. Adults: 750yen, High School/University: 440yen, Elementary/Junior High: 140yen. Original link (Japanese)


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