CIR Diary

CIR Diary – A Child at heART

I recently had the chance to enjoy the Power Sources art installations open at Art Tower Mito. Built by two Swiss artists, Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lanzlinger, each piece is full of playful elements and vivid colors, with plenty of details that invite exploration and encourage wonder. If you’re looking for something interesting do, I highly recommend it.

From pieces made of chemical crystals that ‘grow’ over time with the help of visitors, to a display where you can collect your tears and examine their crystalline structures under a microscope, rooms where you lie on your back on a soft bed and enjoy miniature worlds suspended from the ceiling or mesmerizing light shows, strange new creatures and a large swing that seats five people, there is something here for everyone. In fact, when I mentioned the delightful sense of childhood nostalgia I got from the pieces, they both described how they felt we should all just stay as children, always playing. Though not all of the pieces are child-friendly, there are a few that would be fun for any age, and to bring out the child inside. Especially the piece outside the museum in the open space beside the fountain; two pieces, each consisting of a walker designed for the elderly covered with dozens of plum branches, each branch sprouting plastic flowers, fruits, and other colorful knickknacks. A nearby sign invites visitors to take these ‘Walking Bushes’ for a stroll, and believe me, I did. Though it’s a little embarrassing at first, it can be quite amusing to walk your portable shrub around, getting curious stares and envious looks; before long someone else wants to try it out, and it quickly grows into a friendly group experience.

The exhibition runs until the beginning of May, and the size of the crystals will change throughout so multiple visits are encouraged. Please take a look!



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