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Sakura Festivals

2012 Yae Sakura Festival

Shizumine Furusato Park, the location of the Yae (double-flower) Sakura Festival, is one of ‘Japan’s 100 most beautiful sakura spots’, and once the 2100 trees within the 12 hectare park are in full bloom it is a magnificent sight. In addition, thanks to the shiba-zakura (white/purple) that were planted last year, this year’s festival promises a slightly different view to enjoy.

This year’s festival also includes character shows, dance, speeches, local vendors and the B1 Granprix’s famous ‘Yokote Yakisoba’, and many other events. Illuminations are also planned.

Period: April 21st – May 6th, 2012

Evening Sakura (illumination): April 27th – May 3rd, 2012

Event Days: April 28th/29th

Free entry, paid parking (normal – 500yen, mid-size – 1000yen, large – 2000yen)

For details contact 029-298-1111 (Japanese)


1st Annual Zuio Sakura Festival

The ‘1st Annual Zuio Sakura Festival’ was chosen as the citizen’s choice for local improvement events, and will be held as follows.

During the festival there will be lit-up sakura trees, a karaoke competition, Japanese koto performances, hula dancing, flower-hat dancing, theater, and more.

Attendance is free, so please come participate.

Date: April 7th/8th (may be delayed due to blooming status of sakura)

Location: Zuiryu Elementary School grounds (Hitachiota, Zuiryu-cho 985)

Hosted by the Zuio Protection Society


April 7th – 6-9pm, Zuio sakura illumination

April 8th – 10-4pm, Zuio Sakura Festival; karaoke competition, Japanese koto, hula dancing, flower-hat dancing, theater, and free amazake.


50th Annual Hitachi Sakura Festival

Period: April 1st – 22nd, 2012

Location: Hitachi Heiwa-dori, Kamine Park, Juo Panorama Park (both Heiwa-dori and Kamine Park have been selected as ‘Japan’s 100 Best Sakura Spots’)

Night Sakura Light-up: For the full period of the festival illuminations will be on display at the following locations.

1. Heiwa-dori; 6-11pm; the 1km of lit-up sakura trees is a highlight

2. Kamine Park; sunset-9:30pm; lit-up with paper lanterns

3. Juo Panorama Park; sunset-9pm; lit with paper Chinese lanterns

Event Schedule:

1. Heiwa-dori – April 7th/8th

– 50th Anniversary Events

April 7th, Kiryu Yagi-Bushi (song); 12:50/3:30

April 8th, Soma Samurai Horse-Riders in Full Armor; 1:30/4:30

–          Hitachi’s Culture (UNESCO Intangible Cultural Asset)

A float featuring puppet theater using mechanical dolls

April 7th, 2pm/5pm/7pm

April 8th, 12pm/3pm

Dancing and musical performances, souvenir and food vendors

Road Closures/Pedestrian Areas

4/6: 6-9pm, Route 6 – Keyaki-dori

4/7: 11am-9pm, Route 6 – Hitachi Station

4/8: 8:45am-8pm, Route 6 – Keyaki-dori

*due to the Hitachi Sakura Road Race on 4/8 these roads, including the intersection between Keyaki-dori and Heiwa-dori, will be closed.

2. Kamine Park – March 17th – April 22nd

Spring Festival (character show, etc)

3. Juo Panorama Park – April 14th/15th

Dance and musical performances

Refreshment booths

Original link (Japanese)


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