Upcoming Events

Breezes and Bars

A Breeze from South Asia

An event showcasing the lifestyle and culture of the people of lushly green Bangladesh.

Date: April 29th; opens at 2pm, runs from 2:30-4pm.

Location: Kasama Tomobe Kominkan, Dai Hall

Tickets: 1000yen

Performance by Uttoron.

Uttoron began in 1988 as a group of students who wished for people in Japan to experience the culture of their home country of Bangladesh, and now operates around Japan. The 15 members perform songs, dancing, and even poetry readings, providing a fun and educational opportunity for cultural exchange. ‘Uttoron’ means ‘growth/improvement’ in Bengalese.


Mito’s 2nd Bar/Bar/Bar Event!

In November of last year the first ever bar/bar/bar (310bbb) event was held in Mito, comprising 143 restaurants and attracting 3200 people, leading to the decision to hold the 2nd one on April 20th and 21st. Only this time there will be almost 200 restaurants participating, and 5000 tickets available for sale!

How does it work? Well, first you purchase your tickets at the ticket locations and pick up your map, passport, and wristband (must be worn at all times during the event). Next, you use your map to head to the restaurant you want to visit (if you get lost, there are navigators wearing arm bands ready to help!). Hold out your wristband as you enter, and hand over one of your tickets once you’ve ordered the bar set. Next, get them to stamp your passport, because if you get 4 stamps you will be entered for a draw for some really nice prizes. Then, enjoy your food and drink (each ticket is good for one dish and one drink!). Finally, once the event is over, tear off the passport and fill in the survey on it to enter the draw. If you still have tickets left once the event is finished, you can use them to get 700yen off your next bill at any participating restaurant.

Tickets can be purchased in advance (3200yen for 4) at Playguide (Keisei Department Store), Machinaka Joho Koryu Center, and Komon Marche. Same day tickets (3600yen for 4) can be purchased at Machinaka Joho Koryu Center, Miyamoto Shuten, Izumi-cho Kaikan, and the pedestrian deck at the north exit of Mito Station.

Original link (Japanese)


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