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More Weekend Sakura

**It seems that darn near every major city is having a sakura festival this weekend (Ryugasaki, Ushiku, et al), so even if I haven’t translated a link for you, I think there’s a good chance that if you go to your local park there will be some kind of event, so have a great weekend!;)**

35th Annual Sakuragawa Sakura Festival

Sakuragawa has been designated as a national place of beauty, and has been recorded in poems dating as far back as the Heian era as a famous destination for cherry blossoms.

This year’s festival begins April 7th, 2012 at 10am with a fireworks show (moved to April 8th in case of rain).

Location: Isobe Sakuragawa Park

Please come and enjoy poetry and dance underneath the roughly 1000 cherry trees.

Period: March 31st-April 15th


Tanka Competition…April 3rd, 10am….Iwase Chuo Kominkan

Outdoor Tea Party…April 7th, 10am…Isobe Sakuragawa Park

Children’s Parade…April 7th…Isobe Inari Shrine to Isobe Sakuragawa Park

Haiku Competition…April 10th, 10am….Iwase Chuo Kominkan

Chinkasai (for exorcising the god of bad luck)…April 15th, 10am….Isobe Inari Shrine

Original link (Japanese)


Namegata Sakura Network Events

–          8th Annual Open Art Namegata Art Walk

The ateliers of the artists of the Namegata Kisu `Art Village’ will be open to the public, with art on display.

Period: April 7th to 9th

Location: Namegata Kisu ‘Art Village’

–          Art and Hospitality at the ‘Ooba Residence’

The ‘warrior’ era home of the Ooba family will have art on display, and pork soup and matcha will be offered to guests.

Pork soup hospitality: April 7th, 11am

Matcha hospitality: April 8th

–          JAGDA Kerchiefs of Kindness Exhibit, Earthquake Disaster 1 Year Anniversary Memorial Exhibit

It has already been one year since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Disaster. This exhibit displays handkerchiefs containing messages of recovery from 100 of Japan’s representative graphic designers.

Period: April 7th and 8th

Location: Fujishiro Norio Design Office

–          Shopping Arcade Art

The work of local artists will be on display in the store windows of the shopping arcades.

Period: April 5th to 10th

Location: Tamazukuri Chuo Shopping Arcade

–          21st Annual Sakura Festival

The park will be blooming with over 300 trees, and there will be lights during the festival period so that you can enjoy the flowers at night as well.

Period: April 7th to 15th

Location: Namegata Aso Haguroyama Park

–          Karoyashiki Gallery ‘Field Flower Pen Drawing Exhibit’

Period: March 23rd to April 13th

Location: Aso Han Karoyashiki Memorial Hall

–          Sakura Festival Karaoke Competition

Date: April 8th, 11am-4pm (first 30 people)

Location: Aso Onsen Hakuho no Yu (0299-80-6622)

Original link (Japanese)


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