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2012 Tour De Sakuragawa and Puttering Sakuragawa

A fabulous chance to tour Sakuragawa by bicycle, with 3 different courses depending on skill level and interests. This is not a competition, and all cyclists will be expected to follow the rules of the road, but those who finish the course in under 7 hours will receive a certificate of recognition. The Start and Goal are at the Sakuragawa Makabe Fukushi Center.

Date: May 20th, rain or shine

Entrance fee: 4500yen (includes gifts, insurance, etc). No refunds.

Must be 12 years of age or older, capable of completing the course within 7 hours while obeying the rules of the road. The puttering course is for ages 10 and up, minors need the permission of their parents.

Number of participants: First 600 applicants

Schedule: May 19th, 1-3pm…advance registration (giving out of numbers, etc)

May 20th, 5:30-7am…registration (giving out of numbers, etc)

7:15-7:45am…opening ceremony, course information, explanation

of points to be aware of

8am on…start of Challenge course, 1st group (10 people per group, starting at 1min intervals)

8:50am on…start of Puttering course

9am on…start of 88 course, 1st group (10 people per group, starting at 1min intervals)

Course overviews: A) Challenge Course (for Intermediates) 90km, limit 350 people

An intermediate course aiming to cover 3 climbing points, the Yubukuro Toge, Irinorindo Hill, and the Golden Lakes Hill. With a cumulative elevation of 1000m, there will be restrictions on cars on the route.

B) 88 Fun Course, 88km, limit 230 people

A flat-level course that runs through the natural scenery of Sakuragawa and environs. There are a few ups and downs, but no hills. This is a beginner cycling course.

C) Puttering Course, around Sakuragawa, limit 20 people

This course will take you to Sakuragawa’s famous historical and cultural spots, led by a guide.

Application method: Send the entrance fee by bank transfer to the account below and send both 1 and 2 to the office.

1. Participation form  2. the Entrance fee receipt (please write your name on the receipt)

Entrance fee payment account: Bank: Yuucho        Financial Institution Code: 9900

Branch Name: 019 (zero ichi kyu) Branch Number: 019

Account Type: Current     Account Number: 0316793

Receiver Name: Tour de Sakuragawa Jikkouiinkai

For applications/inquiries: 309-1213 Ibaraki, Sakuragawa, Nishi- Sakuragawa 1-1, Tsuchida Denki-nai Tour de Sakuragawa Jikkoiinkai Office

Tel: (weekdays 9am-7pm only) 0296-75-2304

Application deadline: April 28th

For inquiries about accommodation: Iseya Ryokan, 0296-55-0176

Original link (Japanese)


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