Upcoming Events

Princess Sen and Sakura

12th Annual Princess Sen Festival

This festival was created to celebrate the birthday of Princess Sen of the Warring States/Edo Period of Japanese History. She is the granddaughter of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and was interred in Joso City’s Tenjuin Temple after her death. 2012 marks the 415th anniversary of Princess Sen’s birth, and in Japanese ‘415 years’ can be pronounced as ‘good fortune’ (yo-i-go-en), so this year’s festival aims to build upon the renewed bonds forged after last year’s disaster and create a celebration that brings good fortune. This year’s parade will also be hosting the mascots of Himeji City and Kuwanajo City, due to their connections to Princess Sen.

Date: April 15th, 11am-4pm

Location: Mitsukaido City Center

Events: Revealing of the 14th generation Princess Sen tourism ambassador, Princess Sen parade, flea market, yosakoi and other traditional performances, and much more.

For inquiries contact: Industry and Tourism Division (inside the Mitsukaido Community Center), Tel: 0297-23-9088

Original link (Japanese)


Mitsukaido Asunaro no Sato Sakura Festival

Come and enjoy the full bloom of the sakura flowers with your family and friends.

Date: April 14th and 15th

Location: Mitsukaido Asunaro no Sato

Events: Farmer’s market, wheat manju vendors, roasted potato booth, bubble-blowing booths, flea markets, etc.

Entry fee: 400yen for adults, 200yen for children

Original link (Japanese)


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