Upcoming Events

Flower Fun

Fukuoka Dam Sakura Festival

April 13th to 17th, 10am onwards

Location: Tsukuba-mirai, Fukuoka Dam Sakura Park

As one of Kanto’s 3 biggest dams, the 1.8km long dykes that border the dam form a tunnel of sakura blossoms in spring. The Fukuoka Dam Sakura Festival is held in coordination with the blooming conditions of these sakura, with live performances on the Saturday and Sunday. For the period of the festival there will be a free shuttle bus operating between the Tsukuba Express Miraidaira Station to the sakura festival grounds, and a bus circulating inside the grounds on Saturday and Sunday.

Original link (Japanese)


41st Annual Kasama Azalea Festival

Kasama’s Spring seasonal ‘Kasama Azalea Festival’ will be held again this year. Within the park there are many varieties and over 8500 trees so the view from the mountaintop is breath-taking! Also, there will be many fun events held during Golden Week, so please come and join us.

Period: April 21st-May 13th, 8am-6pm (times may change due to bloom status)

Location: Kasama Tsutsuji Park

Entrance fee: Adults (high school and up)….500yen; persons younger and persons with a disability are free, groups of 20 or more receive a 100yen discount for each person.


Outdoor Tea Parties

4/28…Aoyama Group (Urasenke school)

5/5…Murakami Group (Omotesenke school)

5/6…Harada Group (Omotesenke school)

Tsugaru Shamisen Performance

4/28…Kawashima Shinobu with Gen Goro

Folklore Performance

4/29…Tsukuba University Folklore Afficionados

Band Performance


Japanese Orchestra Performances

4/29…Tomobe Japanese Orchestra Chunan Group

4/30…Kasama Inari Japanese Orchestra Preservation Group

Koto Performance

5/3…Yamada Group (Ikeda Style)


4/30…Tsukuba University Juggling Circle ‘Sheep’

Balloon Art

5/5…Balloon Koyaji

For inquiries please contact the Industry and Tourism Division (0296-77-1101 ext. 510) or the Kasama Tourism Association (0296-72-9222)

Original link (Japanese)


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