Tsukuba Art Gallery’s first Saturday Seminar of the year, ‘Art and Disaster’ (4/14)

How have we moved forward since the March 2011 earthquake disaster, how will we go forward from here, and what part can art play? The goal is to use several pieces of art and art concepts as clues and think about it together.

The instructor is the head of the Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of Modern Art, Mr. Ichikawa. Please feel free to join us.

Date: April 14th, 1:30pm

Location: Tsukuba Museum of Art, 2nd floor seminar room

Furthermore, the Tsukuba Museum of Art holds Saturday Seminars on the second Saturday of every month. The schedule for the first half of this year is as follows:

2nd, May 12th ‘The World of Ogawa Usen’, Imase Sawa (Museum of Modern Art curator)

3rd, June 9th, ‘Introduction to Modern Art’, Sawatari Mari (Museum of Modern Art assistant curator)

4th, July 14th, ’50 years since his passing, the art of Suda Kunitaro’, Ino Koichi (Museum of Modern Art curator)

5th, August 11th, ‘The Izura Era of Japanese Art Academy’, Nakata Tomonori (Tenshin Memorial Izura Art Gallery curator)

6th, September 8th, ‘The Trailblazers Among Ibaraki Art Organizations – Have you heard of the ‘White Fang Group’?’, Yoshida Eri (Tsukuba Museum of Art assistant curator)

Original link (Japanese)


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