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‘Koso’ Traditional Chinese Instrumental Performance

Tokugawa Museum Concert Series

The Chinese Koto (Guzheng) is called a ‘Koso’ in Japanese, and was supposedly invented over 2200 years ago during the Spring-Fall warring states period.

At its origin it was called a Soso and had 12 strings, which became 13 strings after the Song Dynasty, 15 after the Ming, and 16 after the Qing; the current 21 string form dates from roughly 30 years ago.

Lately versions with tone-changing pedals and 25 or 26 strings have also been made. In recent years harp-playing techniques have been applied so that it is now possible to play many different types of music beyond simply the classics.

Date: May 13th, 2012, curtain up at 2pm (entry from 1 :30pm)

Location: Tokugawa Museum event room

1-1215-1 Mikawa, Mito; Tel: 029-241-2721

Access: Take Ibaraki Kotsu bus #3 or line 37 from bus stop #4 at the north exit of Mito Station (20min), get off at Mikawa 2chome, 5min on foot.

Performer: Inner Mongolia-born Wuliana

Pieces: Bride of the Fields…Mongolian folk song, Wuliana’s arrangement

Flowers…Okinawan folk song, by Kina Shokichi

Suzhou Night Music…by Fukube Ryoichi

And more

Tickets are 1500yen each (for high school age and up), sold at the door

To order in advance (first 50 people) send a postcard or fax containing the concert name, your address, name, phone number, and the number of people to:

Takaki Kou

Nicchu Ongaku Koryu Jimukyoku

2826-9 Senba-cho

Mito 310-0851

Tel/Fax: 029-243-5880


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