Introduction to Ibarakese

Whether you have just started learning Japanese or have many years of study under your belt, you might still be stymied by an encounter with a regional dialect. Japan has many, and Ibaraki happens to be one of the regions that claims one as its own, so I thought it might be fun to showcase a few words or phrases every so often. If you’re just a beginner, using these words might be a fun way to surprise your co-workers or classmates; if you’re an old hand this could add an extra challenge to your goal of mastery, give you added cultural capital, or just make it easier to understand what they’re saying!

These examples come from Ibaraking, and the site cautions that these have all been contributed by native speakers so there may not be any scientific or academic basis for them. But why not give it a shot?^^

Ibarakese (like Chinese, but less complicated;) of the week:

– Akachiku/Agachiku (赤ちく): An obvious lie

Ex : Akachiku koku de nee -> don’t tell such an obvious lie

– Akanasu (赤ナス): tomato (literally, red eggplant!)

– Akamanma (赤まんま): 1. blood 2. red bean rice

– Akaru/Agaru(あかる、あがる): to open


Ex : kadakute agannee yo -> it’s too stiff to open

– Adajoppai (あだじょっぱい): extremely salty, so salty it burns like spice

Aonajimi (あおなじみ): a bruise

Good luck!^^


2 thoughts on “Introduction to Ibarakese

  1. 🙂 This is very nice!!
    I have been living here in Ibaraki for more than four years and I haven’t found before information about the dialect.
    Thank you very much!!!

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