Introduction to Ibarakese

Since I had such a positive response from so many of you I’m going to try to make this a regular feature 🙂 Just a reminder, these ‘lessons’ are in no particular order as I thought it would be more fun to learn a large variety of words rather than try and exhaust one syllable at a time. If you have any requests for specific words let me know and I can see if they exist^^

This week’s Ibarakese:

寝こじる、寝っこじる、寝くじる (nekojiru, nekkojiru, nekujiru) : to sleep funny/wrong

Ex : 首いてーんだけど、ねっこじったのがな -> kubi ite-n dakedo, nekkojitta no ga na, my neck hurts, I guess I slept on it funny

–          ねしかる (neshikaru): sit down; stay at one location for a long time (or past your welcome)

–          ねずみにひかれる (nezumi ni hikareru): the state of being alone and lonely

–          ねちっぺ、ねじっぺ (nechippe, nejippe) : to be peevish or sulky, contrary or rebellious

–          ねっぱる、ねっぱす (nepparu, neppasu) : to be sticky, gooey

–          ねぼすけ (nebosuke) : someone who won’t get out of bed, someone sleepy

–          ねむせる (nemuseru) : to put someone to bed, make someone go to sleep

Ex : あがんぼねっせっちゃーからちっと待って -> aganbo nesseccha- kara chitto matte, just wait a minute while I put the baby to bed


2 thoughts on “Introduction to Ibarakese

  1. Ah!! Thank you very much for uploading more 😀
    I like this so much!!
    Hmmm do you think some people from Ibaraki still use Ibarakese? Hmmm I still haven’t heard it around!

    • You’re very welcome!^^
      Glad you’re enjoying it.
      Yes, the older population still uses it, especially in the countryside and in farming communities, but it’s getting more and more rare because young people don’t want to learn it:S

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