Upcoming Events

Pakistan Bazaar in Kairakuen

As part of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Assistance Efforts and the 60th anniversary of Pakistan – Japan diplomatic relations, the Pakistani and Ibaraki governments have come together to hold an exciting celebration of Pakistani culture in Mito’s Kairakuen Park. The date is set for May 26th and 27th from 10am to 5pm, rain or shine, and admission is absolutely free.


May 26th

10:00am…Opening Ceremony – Kawamata Nangaku (calligrapher)

Roberto di Candido (Tenor)

10:35am…Taiko Koyuki (Taiko performance)

11:10am…Chalpasah (Japanese Pakistani musical artist)

11:45am…MC Kakki (40 second high-speed caricature artist)

12:20pm…Shigeji (Moriyama Shigeru) and Hirakawa Baku (Sarod and Tabla performance)

12:55pm…Tanigawa Tomohiro (rock)

1:30pm…Chalpasah (Japanese Pakistani musical artist)

2:05pm…Mito Hollyhock’s Holly-kun (rock-paper-scissors contest)

2:40pm…Nobi Productions (Pakistani fashion show)

3:15pm…Nochihodo (Amami pop duo)

3:50pm…Good Times Roll band (rock)

4:25pm…Da Japani Bayi (doll performance)


May 27th

10:00am…MC Kakki (40 second high-speed caricature artist)

10:35am…Nobi Productions (Pakistani fashion show)

11:10am…YESBAND (Ibaraki promotion band)

11:45am…Nobi Productions (Pakistani dance)

12:20pm…Reika (a transgender songstress from Shinjuku 2chome’s ‘Sasori’)

12:55pm…Shigeji (Moriyama Shigeru) and Hirakawa Baku (Sarod and Tabla performance)

1:30pm…35゚C (rock)

2:05pm…Nobi Productions (Pakistani dance)

2 :40pm…Ozawa Shinya (rock)

3 :15pm… Da Japani Bayi (doll performance)

There will also be a shoot-out game with the Mito Hollyhock on the 26th, and mochi-pounding on the 27th at 2pm, as well as a live kitchen for Chef Akira Kotaki of Siddique and Aubergine. Surrounding the event areas will be 30 vendor stalls offering local delicacies, Pakistani food and gifts, and alcohol. Come and join the fun!

Location: Kairakuen, Shiki-no-hara  (the bottom left of the map)


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