Introduction to Ibarakese

Glad to see everyone’s enjoying this feature, has anyone tried using it in conversation yet ?;) This week’s Ibarakese:

みぐさい (migusai): pathetic, deplorable (mittomonai)

みしみし (mishimishi): solid, dependable, (as an order) buck up (shikkari)

みそっかす (misokkasu) : a falling out with friends, being left out of a group (nakamahazure)

水戸っぽ (Mitoppo) : a person from Mito, the characteristics being easily angered, easily bored, and argumentative

みるけん (miruken) : a word used by children while crossing their fingers to ward off another child’s ‘dirtiness’ (like cooties) (engacho)

みばいい (mibaii) : looks or outer appearance are good ;

Ex : その服のほうがみばいいよ→ sono fuku no hou ga miba ii yo, those clothes look better on you

みっちょ (miccho) : like, -ish, to seem like, (mitai)

Ex : 水戸っぽみっちょ→ Mitoppo miccho, (looks/acts/etc) like a person from Mito


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