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Mito’s 38th Annual Ajisai (Hydrangea) Festival

Mito’s seasonal festival to celebrate the beginning of summer will be held at Howaen Park and its surrounding historical sites (such as Hachimangu). Within Howaen Park there will be Western hydrangea in blue and white as well as Gaku Hydrangea, for a total of more than 30 varieties and over 6000 flowers in joyful bloom.

Dates: June 17th to July 8th

Location: Howaen Park, Shinso Community Center, Hachimangu

Main Events:

June 17th….10am to 11am: Opening ceremony, magic show, prize draw – Howaen Park

10am to 3pm: 31st Annual Haiku Competition – Shinso Community Center

June 22nd to 24th…10am to 3pm: Park-wide stamp rally – Howaen Park

June 24th…10am to 3pm: Outdoor tea party (Sekishu school) – Howaen Park

July 1st…10am to 3pm: Photography contest, Mito Komon members photo opportunities – Howaen Park

Other Events:

–          Craft and bake sale by the Shinso Women’s Group

–          Guided tour of area by the ‘Mito Historical Advisors’ resident tourism volunteers (Sat/Sun only)

–          A hydrangea display corner

–          Haiku-writing booth


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