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Okakura Yukari Concert – Echoing Happiness

Okakura Yukari is a Tochigi-based performer who holds performances and music workshops and attempts to connect people through her piano and vocal songs. As part of efforts for rebuilding after last year’s disaster she will be performing a pop music concert, in hopes of warming the hearts of all who attend.

Date: June 9th (2:30 to 3:30pm)

Location: Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art Entrance Hall (free entry)

Song list:

–          Courage and Prayer

–          Salley Gardens

–          If the World had a Song

–          Mr. Sun – to my darling

–          Rainbow

–          Keep Going Forward (Ue wo mite arukou)

–          The Promised Day

–          Etc


Eternal Nature – A View of Mountains

Japan is blessed with luxurious foliage and is largely composed of mountainous terrain. People of old held the mountains in respectful awe due to their visual reminder of eternity, and lived alongside them and their plentiful blessings.

Their magnificent yet fierce appearance changes expressions with the passing time and seasons, often capturing the hearts of painters and being themselves captured on canvas. Among them Mt. Fuji and Mt. Tsukuba were frequent favorites, and Mt. Hourai could even be said to represent the ideals and emotions of a hometown landscape for most artists.

This exhibition contains 28 pieces designed to reflect the Japanese sense of nature as viewed through paintings of mountains, featuring Yokoyama Taikan’s Japanese style, Goseda Yoshimatsu’s Western style, and Kobori Susumu’s sumie style.

Period: May 31st to July 8th

Hours: 9:30am to 5pm (last entry 4:30, closed Mondays)

Location: Tenshin Memorial Museum of Art

Admission: Adults 180yen, High school/university 110yen, Elementary/junior high 80yen


Revalue Nippon Project – Nakata Hidetoshi, An Encounter with Modern Industrial Art, Ceramics and Japanese Paper

Period: April 28th to June 10th

The ‘Revalue Nippon Project’ was formed in 2009 as an initiative of the Take Action Foundation run by former pro soccer player Nakata Hidetoshi. It aims to create opportunities for more people to come into contact with Japanese traditional culture and promote the continuation and further development of traditional culture through finding new value within it.

Since its opening, Mr. Nakata’s desire to use ‘traditional industrial arts and new creative arts’ as a theme to introduce people to the wonders of industrial arts has been the guiding principle of the Ibaraki Ceramic Museum.

The 2011 theme for this project is ‘Japanese paper (washi)’. Young washi artists and various specialists from both within Japan and abroad collaborated to form 5 innovative groups.

This exhibition hosts roughly 50 pieces, combining the washi collaboration pieces, the ceramic pieces from the 1st project theme, and other related works from the featured artists. Come enjoy the new wonders of the fusion of Japan’s highly esteemed traditional technology and modern art.

Location: Ibaraki Ceramic Museum

Admission: Adults 300yen, High school/university 250yen, Elementary/junior high 120yen

**I visited this exhibit last weekend and it was very interesting. Plus, for only 400yen more you can see all 4 exhibits available right now, including the fabulous Sato Collection!**


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