Introduction to Ibarakese

This week’s lesson is a big one, as this syllable seems to be a particularly popular one in Ibarakese^^ Again, this is not comprehensive, just a sampling of the more interesting words and phrases. Have fun!

しぐ (shigu) – Die (shinu)

しこ、しこたれ (shiko, shikotare) – Appearance, aspect  (kakko) ; ex : ほーたしこしやがって -> ho-ta shiko shiyagatte, daring to show up looking like that ! (perjorative)

しっちゃばぐ (shicchabagu) – Tear, rip (yaburu)

してえ (shitee) – Awful, cruel (hidoi)

しと (shito) – Person (hito) ; alsoしとんで (shitonde) – By yourself, alone (hitori de)

しめぇ (shimee) – Funeral ; they think this is because the funeral is the end (shimai) of your life

しゃーしゃど (shaashado) – Acting unaware, like you don’t care or it doesn’t matter (shirankao) ; ex : よぐもしゃーしゃどしてられんじゃねえげ -> yogu mo shaashado shiteraren janeege, I’m amazed you can act like you don’t care at a time like this

しゃがらもねぇ (shagaramonee) – Trivial, ridiculous, petty, trashy (kudaranai)

しゃじ (shaji) – Spoon

しゃで、しゃて (shade, shate) – Younger brother (otouto)

しょい (shoi) – Soy sauce (shoyu)

しょんべんごぼ (shonbengobo) – Toilet/bathroom (toire)


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