Introduction to Ibarakese

Soon we’ll have a little dictionary of our own going here^^ This week’s episode is brought to you by the letter U and the number 24;)


うーでもつーでもねえ、うーでもねえつーでもねえ (u- demo tsu- demo nee, u- demo nee tsu- demo nee) : no reply or news (from someone)

うすうす、うすらうすら (usu usu, usura usura) : to wander aimlessly, stroll (bura bura)

うすぱが、うすぱがやろ (usupaga, usupagayaro) : extremely harsh insult/derogative name (baka, bakayaro-)

うたう (utau) : tell, talk ; ex : うたっちゃあど (utacchaado) -> iitsukechau yo (I’ll tell you what to do)

うだでー (udade-) : sluggish, languid, listless (kattarui)

うちんて、うちんてら (uchinte, uchintera) : my family ; can also be used to describe your social/work group

うっちゃりぼっけ (uccharibokke) : leave alone, leave in peace,

うっちゃる (uccharu) : 1. throw away  2. set free, cast away

うでっこぎ (udekkogi) : with all your might, doing your utmost (seiippai)

うの、うぬ (uno, unu) : you (slang, over-familiar, derogatory) (omae)

うわっぱり (uwappari) : coat, sweater, upper garment (usually with something underneath)


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