Upcoming Events

Summer sights

Summer Gourmet Street Vendor Fair and Surfing Festival

Date: July 7th and 8th, 10am to 4pm

Location: Oarai Coast (near Aquaworld, Oarai Swimming Area parking lot), free admission

Time to beat the heat with some tasty eats! This food fair will bring together famous foods from both local vendors and other prefectures, including a gathering of all the most popular yakisoba types from around the country. Among the local delicacies on hand are Ibaraki’s famous grilled ham as well as a melon soda float served right out of the melon! Also making a tempting appearance are Okayama’s Hiruzen yakisoba, Kanagawa’s Atsugi Shirokoro hormones, Tochigi’s Utsunomiya gyoza, Fukushima’s Aizu traditional sauce pork-cutlet rice bowl, and much more.

Guests include Japan’s 2012 Miss World representative Igarashi Nozomi (7th only), Ibaraki’s representative comedian Antoki no Inoki (both days), and owner and chef of Omotesando’s Ristorante Da Fiore Manaka Hideyuki’s Kitchen Ibaraki (7th only).

Furthermore, a surfing contest will be held over both days, open to both pros and amateurs, as well as a charity flea market and autograph event held by pro surfers!

Not to mention, both days will be free admission to the Aquaworld aquarium for junior high students and under. Other events for kids include making magnets out of seashells, stamp rally, Tanabata message writing, a bouncy castle and free balloons. Don’t miss it!


Ama-biki Kannon Ajisai Festival

The Ama-biki Kannon in Sakuragawa is a miracle-working Kannon goddess whose areas of expertise are childbirth, child-rearing, pregnancy, avoidance of disaster, and financial fortune, and is the 24th hallowed site of the Bando Kannon Sites. It is also well-known as a temple featuring beautiful seasonal flowers, such as sakura, botan (peonies), tsutsuji (azalea), ajisai (hydrangea), as well as the turning of the leaves in fall. In addition to making the entrance free to all visitors and encouraging relaxation, there are souvenirs available that can only be found at the Ama-biki Kannon temple.

This year’s Ajisai Festival runs from June 10th to July 20th, and the park will be filled with the water-colored blooms.


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