Upcoming Events

Sand Art and Haiku

2012 Hitachi Sand Art Festival

Date : July 15th, 10am

Location : Kawarago Port and Kawarago Beach, Hitachi

This year’s event includes many different attractions. There will be sand art creations on display from two internationally-recognized pros, and a section where you can learn how to make your own! There is also a dance contest, food and goods stalls, and a yukata contest with prizes. For those who want to spend more time in the water there is a touring boat and a banana boat to ride around on, so bring your bathing suits. To cap it all off, there will be a theatrical firework performance by Nomura Fireworks at 8pm.

Also running concurrently is the 5th Annual Challenge Festival in Kawarago.

There will be a free shuttle bus running from JR Hitachi-taga Station, and there will be no vehicles allowed in the area between 6 and 8:30pm, so hop on and leave your car behind. Come have some fun in the sun!


Tabi Cafe Vol.13 – Kitaura’s Lake Shore, the Moon as seen by Basho

Date: July 14th, 2:10 to 7:30pm

Locations: Taiyo Station, Fukusenji Temple, Daigiji Temple, Kitaura Kohan Station

Thanks to the collaboration of the Kashima Rinkai Line, we are offering programs such as ‘a walk as Matsuo Basho’ and ‘let’s all ride the train!’ through which you can enjoy the areas around the Kitaura Kohan and Taiyo Stations.

Program 1: A walk and a ride on the train (2:10 to 4:30pm)

Free participation, free snacks

2:10pm…meet at Taiyo Station (there are trains arriving from both directions at 2:07)

2:30pm…leave Taiyo Station

–          walking course: from Taiyo Station to Fukusenji Temple (round trip)

there will be a talk about cultural assets at the temple

4pm…let’s ride the Kashima Rinkai Line!

–          ride from Taiyo Station to Kitaura Kohan Station (5min)

210yen for adults, 110yen for children

Program 2: Talk session (4:40 to 6pm)

‘To learn about ancient times…’

Free participation, light meal and drinks provided

Location: Daigiji Temple *transportation from Kitaura Kohan Station will be via the staff’s vehicles

Program 3: Walking (6 to 7pm)

–          walking course: from Daigji Temple to Kitaura Kohan Station

there are trains leaving Kitaura Kohan and arriving at      Taiyo Stations for 6:42-7:21 and 6:47-7:27 respectively

Must register in advance through online form on website


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