Aquaworld’s Hot Summer 2012

This year’s biggest event is a feast for the senses!

Starting with the impressive dolphin and sea lion ocean live shows, this year’s many events include the once-every-four-year marine life festival and an exciting night at the aquarium.


Summer Only ‘Water Festival’ Ocean Live Show

Period: July 1st to August 31st

Location: Ocean Theater

An exciting summertime show where dolphin trainers ride the dolphins and fly through the air with rocket jumps, and the dolphins and sea lions fill the venue with the generous splashes from their acrobatics. This year’s show is guaranteed to get you even wetter, so keep an eye out for the jumping dolphins!

This year’s featured dolphins:

Kai (false killer whale); male, 4m long, 700kg, laid-back personality; uses his large body to make unbelievably large splashes; splash rating ***

Shell (bottlenose dolphin); female, 3m long, 300kg, assertive personality; makes extremely high jumps; splash rating **

Sandy (pacific white-sided dolphin); female, 2m long, 100kg, free spirit; uses her tiny body to make delicate mid-air flips

People in the front seats are sure to get completely soaked, so consider getting a leisure sheet as protection!


Marinepics 2012

Period: June 27th to July 31st

Location: Interesting Creatures Tank

The Marinepics festival is held once every four years, and this year it’s being hosted in Oarai’s Aquaworld. This year’s entries are all unique creatures such as razorfish, upside-down catfish, and mudskippers, and the events include synchronized swimming, swimming races, and horse-back riding. Just watching the Marinepics will bring a smile to your face. But who will take home the medal?


Black Ghost Summer Party

Period: July 14th to September 17th

Location: Special Exhibition Room

We’re inviting a special guest to this summer’s ‘monster’ fish party. The host is a very unusual life form called the ‘black ghost’…but who is this ‘black ghost’ really? We recommend this exhibition for those of you who want a thrills and chills without just being scared.


Summer Night 2012

Date: August 12th, until 9pm (last entry 8pm)

In connection with the Naka-minato Fireworks Festival the opening hours will be extended to 9pm so that you can enjoy an evening of concerts and fireworks at the aquarium. Not to mention, at 5:30pm there will be a special dolphin and sea lion show with hula dancers against the backdrop of the night sea.


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