Upcoming Events

5th Tokugawa Museum Concert – The Melody of the Erhu

Date: July 29th, 2pm (doors open at 1:30)

Location: Tokugawa Museum event room

1-1215-1 Mikawa, Mito; Tel: 029-241-2721

Access: Take Ibaraki Kotsu bus #3 or line 37 from bus stop #4 at the north exit of Mito Station (20min), get off at Mikawa 2chome, 5min on foot.

The erhu is a traditional Chinese instrument similar to a violin or shamisen, making use of only 2 strings. The haunting melodies it creates are often heard as background music in movies or music from/about China.

Performer: Ma Gao Yan, from China’s Shanxi province

Admission (for high school age and up): 2500 yen (at the door)

Please RSVP via postcard or fax to:

Takaki Kou

Nicchu Ongaku Koryu Jimukyoku

2826-9 Senba-cho

Mito 310-0851

Tel/Fax: 029-243-5880

Include your name, address, telephone number, and number of people attending (first 50 people only).


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