Ibaraki Airport News

Did you know that this summer Okinawa got just a little bit closer? As of July 1st, Ibaraki Airport now offers flights once a day to Naha, Okinawa at prices comparable to those of Narita or Haneda!

Skymark Airlines, who also operate Ibaraki Airport’s Sapporo and Kobe routes, now offers flights daily between Okinawa and Ibaraki:

SKY533 Ibaraki -> Naha  12:45 -> 15:50

SKY530 Naha -> Ibaraki   9:30 -> 12:05

Reservations can be made on the Skymark website (the cheap seats go quickly!). But for those who are looking for more of a deal there are special packages available. Skymark is offering a 3 day 2 night package including hotel and airfare starting at 28, 800yen, HIS has a 3 day 2 night package for the same price, Hankyu Kotsu has a 2 day 1 night package including a rental car for 28, 800yen, Skypack Tours has a similar plan for the same price, while Tabix Japan Mito Office has a 4 day 3 night plan including a stay at a resort hotel for 69,990yen. All of these and more can be found via search engine or through the Ibaraki Airport website (www.ibaraki-airport.net). But these flights are only until September 30th, so you’ll have to act fast!


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