Rock in Japan Fes. 2012

This is the perennial Ibaraki rock festival, featuring both local and nationally known artists in a 3 day music spectacular. This year’s festival is scheduled for August 3rd, 4th, and 5th, but unfortunately the tickets for the 4th and 5th sold out quickly so if you want to attend you’ll have to be quick to get tickets for the 3rd (11 500yen).

Location: Kokuei Hitachi Kaihin Koen (Hitachinaka)

Times: Gates open 8am, performances start at 10:30am, closes at 8:30pm

This year’s artists (for the 3rd only) are:

Applicat Spectra       avengers in sci-fi         WEAVER          AA=

Overground Acoustic Underground         Oleska Band         capsule

Kyari Pamyu Pamyu            GOOD4NOTHING             KREVA

Kuroneko Chelsea        Kobayashi Taro        coldrain        Suga Shikao

SCOOBIE DO        Straightener         dustbox         Chara

Kamo        10-FEET        TOTALFAT         Dragon Ash

NICO Touches the Walls         Su Kihaku        back number     the band apart

Hige        Fujimaki Ryota         PRINCESS PRINCESS        plenty

Hemenway         Maximum the hormones         MERRY         UL


THE Live Humans         ROTTENGRAFFTY

The dj booth features:

80KIDZ (dj set)         Endo Koyuki (FREAK AFFAIR)         

STAR GUiTAR~”Traveller” RIJ Special Live Set               TAKUMA (10-FEET)

Tomoyuki Tanaka (FPM)         Hachioji P         Bunta and Kuboty (TOTALFAT)

Hozaka Sohiko (soultoday)         Hori Atsushi (Straightener/ent)

Tickets can be purchased through the consoles at Family Mart, Lawson’s, or from TicketPia (7-11).

For those coming by train, there are paid shuttle buses running from Mito Station South Exit, Katsuta Station East Exit, and Ajigaura, times and prices varying by distance.

For more details see the website (Japanese):


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