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Ibaraki Fireworks Festivals 2012

This is an attempt at a comprehensive list of all the fireworks festivals in Ibaraki this summer, so that everyone can enjoy them at some point. Please remember that the scale of the events varies; the Mito Komon Matsuri, for example, has 4100 fireworks, while festivals for smaller locations/events may only last a few minutes. But either way there will be music and food and good times^^

7/28 Oarai Ocean Fireworks Festival Oarai (Oarai Sun Beach)
7/30 17th Ajigaura Coast Fireworks Festival Hitachinaka (Ajigaura coast)
8/3 Mito Komon Matsuri Fireworks Festival Mito (banks of Lake Senba)
8/4 7th Koga Fireworks Festival Koga (Koga golf links)
8/4 Hitachi Kawarago Ocean Fireworks Festival Hitachi (Kawarago coast)
8/4 Shimotsuma Sanuma Fireworks Festival Shimotsuma (above Sanuma Lake)
8/5 37th Kawashima Region Fireworks Festival Chikusei (banks of Kinu River)
8/11 59th Toride Tone River Fireworks Festival Toride (Toride Ryokuchi Undo Koen)
8/11 Tokai Matsuri Fireworks Festival Tokaimura (Akogigaura Park)
8/12 25th Nakaminato Ocean Fireworks Festival Hitachinaka (Nakaminato fishing port)
8/14 Daigo Fireworks Festival and Lantern Casting Daigo (Kuji River banks, forks with Oshi River)
8/14 38th Gozenyama Cooling Fireworks Festival Hitachiomiya (Noguchi, near Naka River Bridge)
8/18 Hitachinaka Fireworks Festival Hitachinaka (JSDF Katsuta base)
8/18 Kokai River Fireworks Festival Chikusei (near Narita bridge on Kokai river)
8/18 Joso Kinu River Fireworks Festival Joso (Kinu River banks, Hashimoto Undo Koen)
8/18 34th Suigo Itako Fireworks Festival Itako (special venue on North Tone River, in front of Suigo Hokusai Koen)
8/24 Matsuri Tsukuba 25th Fireworks Festival Tsukuba (Gakuen no mori)
8/25 2012 Inashiki Natsu Matsuri Fireworks Festival Inashiki (Edosaki Sogo Undo Koen)
8/25 34th Kashima Fireworks Festival Kashima (above banks of Kitaura near Ofunatsu)
8/26 28th Kirasse Matsuri Fireworks Festival Kamisu (Hasaki beach, Sunsun par

9/22  40th Kamisu Fireworks Festival     Kamisu, Gonoike Ryokuchi Koen







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