Introduction to Ibarakese 8

We’re getting low on syllables, I hope you guys are practicing hard!

せえせとする (seese to suru): to feel refreshed, unburdened (sukkiri suru); Ex: シャワーあぴたらせえせどしたよ (shawa- apitara seese do shita yo) -> shawa- abitara sukkiri shita yo (I felt much better after taking a shower)

せせぐい (sesegui): snacking (tsumamigui)

せな (sena): older brother, oldest son, son, relatives of a younger brother’s wife.

せぴたれ (sepitare): scaredy-cat, coward, timid person (kowagari)

せろせろする (serosero suru): feel hungry, feel puckish (kobara ga suku)

せんべん (senben): senbei

ぜね (zene): cash, money


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