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2012 Kasumigaura Sail-boat Tourism

Every year the Kasumigaura Tourism Association operates the traditional fishing sail boats on Lake Kasumigaura and allows tourists to enjoy them. These special sail boats were invented by a local fisherman in the early years of the Meiji era as a way of catching fish with less manpower. The large, pillow-like single sail catches the wind and propels the boat, which tows a large net to catch fish as it sails (similar to a trawler).

The sail boats will be cruising the lake every Sunday until the end of November, excluding August 5th and 12th, depending on weather.

From now until the end of October the sign-up is 1 to 1:30pm on the day of, with departure at 2pm; in November the sign-up is 3 to 3:30pm with departure at 4pm.

*You do not sail on the sail boats themselves, but rather on a smaller ship that weaves around them to give you an unobstructed view.

Cost: 2000yen per adult, 1000yen per child (children below school age are free)


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