Upcoming Events

Mitooka Eiji’s Railway Design Exhibition

From Eki-ben to the Shinkansen

Period: July 7th to September 30th, 2012

Location: Art Tower Mito

This is an exhibition centered around Mitooka Eiji, who is a designer who worked mainly on the design of the JR Kyushu rail lines. It introduces 25 years of his work, from the railcars of JR Kyushu to the design of public transportation, through his ideas, sketches, posters, seats and desks, and railcars. It was planned in order to encourage children to take an interest in design, through the mediums of train stations and vehicles. We hope that you will enjoy the exhibition as if you were travelling through the world of design yourself. Please come and experience the Mitooka Eiji Design Exhibition’s excitement and fun for yourself.


Mitooka Eiji was born in Okayama in 1947, and is a designer and illustrator. In 1972 he founded the Don Design Associates, and works on designing a wide range of things such as architecture and railways. He has received numerous awards, particularly for his work on designing the JR Kyushu trains and stations, such as the Brunel international railway design award and Blue Ribbon award, as well as the Mainichi Design Award (2010), Kikuchi Kan Award (2011) and others. His main design pieces are the JR Kyushu 800 series Shinkansen ‘Swallow’, the special express 787, 883, and 885 series, and the Wakayama Railways ‘Tama Train’ and ‘Tama Station’.


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