Upcoming Events

Wasshoi! Summer Children’s Festival

Time-travel to the Showa 30s and 40s era! Hacchan the cat will be on hand to visit all his fans.

Period: August 17-19th

Location: Mimo, 4th floor

*Experience the Showa atmosphere: A recreation of Sazae-san’s house

Mosquito nets, tea cupboards, low dining tables, fly-net cupboard, and more

*Children’s Watering Hole: A recreation of a mom n’ pop candy store

 *Let’s Play!: A recreation of a Showa plaza

*Showa Games: There were no videogames or cellphones, but we still had fun!

Bamboo stilts, hopscotch, forts, storyboard theater, paper airplanes, blowguns and bow and arrows, making ink stamps from vegetables and leaves, making lanterns, etc.

*Try using old-fashioned tools! Your chance to try tools that even your father and mother don’t know about.

Try ice-grinders and sewing machines from the Showa and Taisho eras, millstones and rotary phones, foot-pedal organs, hand-spun washing and drying machines, cleaning equipment and more.


8/17-19: Purrfect Photo Contest

Display of submissions of local cat photos, with judging and prizes on the last day.


8/17: Ride the mini Shinkansen!

‘Train-kun’ will ride on rails inside the hall and carry children around/Station-master photo-op in front of new Hitachi traincars.


8/17-19: Mimo Culture Center Fun Show

Various shows and lessons from the Mimo Culture Center, including magic, bellydancing, aroma-therapy, calligraphy, etc.


8/18: Balloon Art

Mickey Mouse and Ultraman made from balloons!


8/17-19: Revisit the nostalgic scent of the Showa era

–          try shaving wood with a plane

–          making cypress incense

–          how to put together the wood frame for sliding doors


8/18-19: The appearance of Space-time Superhero ‘Ibaraiger’

A chance to shake hands and get an autograph!


8/17-19: Let’s play Showa Games!

–          learn how to play with the cup-and ball toy

–          learn how to play with beanbags


8/19: Fun Live Performance

A ‘learn to love math’ concert and a drum workshop.


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