Upcoming Events

45th Annual Mito Hagi Matsuri

Period: September 1st to September 20th, and September 30th (harvest moon)

Location: Kairakuen Park

Mito’s 9th Lord, Lord Tokugawa Nariaki planted hagi (bush clover) received from the Date Domain in 1843 as part of the construction of Kairakuen Park.

Kairakuen’s hagi is mainly the Miyagi-no-hagi; there is white hagi, mountain hagi, round-leaf hagi, and many more, totaling 150 groupings of hagi whose flowering makes the autumn landscape come to life.

Cited as one of the 7 plants of autumn, hagi was the most often used plant in the Manyoshu collection of poetry, appearing in 140 poems.


9/8 10am   Release of 2012 singing crickets        Kairakuen, Miharashi Plaza

10am – 3pm  Photo-op with Mito Komon cast and Plum Ambassadors  Miharashi

9/9   12 – 3pm  Photo-op with Mito Komon cast         Miharashi

9/15  12 – 3pm  Photo-op with Mito Komon cast         Miharashi

9/16  10am – 3pm  Outdoor Koto Performance          Miharashi

10am – 3pm  Hagi Festival Haiku Contest        Prefectural Youth Hall

12 – 3pm  Photo-op with Mito Komon cast         Miharashi

9/17  12 – 3pm  Photo-op with Mito Komon cast         Miharashi

9/30  3 – 8pm  Kobuntei Tea Ceremony                  Kobuntei

3 – 8pm  Group Outdoor Tea Party                 Miharashi

3:30 – 5pm  Noh Song and Dance Performance      Tokiwa Shrine

5 – 5:20pm  Tsugaru Shamisen Performance        Miharashi

5:30 – 5:50pm  Koto Performance                  Miharashi

6 – 6:40pm  Shinto and Court Music Performance   Miharashi

7 – 8pm  Poetry Reading                          Miharashi

6 – 8:30pm   Candle Illumination                  Kairakuen


Sales of tea party seat tickets:

300yen per seat (both Kobuntei/outdoor tea parties)

Sales date: 9/30 2pm

Sales location: beside Kairakuen’s east gate

*There is a limited amount of seating for Kobuntei, so tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis (admission for Kobuntei is a separate fee of 190yen).


Related events:

1. Children’s Sketch Contest

9/1 – 20

2. Tours from the ‘Mito History Advisors’, local tourism volunteers

9/1 – 20, Weekends and holidays only, 10am – 3pm

3. Paper lantern display (containing poems from the poetry reading)

9/1 – 30


Hagi Illumination:

9/14 – 23, 29, 30

*The east gate, Umezakura bridge, and main gate will be open (others closed)


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