Introduction to Ibarakese 10

Summer’s drawing to an end, and eventually the heat will too^^ In the meantime, let’s learn some new vocabulary to mess around with 😉

This week is ‘he’:

へえめ (heeme): fly (hae)

へしけー (heshike-): ugly, awful, shabby, bad, etc.

へたっぴ (hetappi): crappy, to be bad at something (hetakuso)

へでなし (hedenashi): trivial, pointless, stupid, worthless (kudaranai)

へのこ、へのご (henoko, henogo): male genitals (!)

へりくち、へーりくち (herikuchi, he-rikuchi): entrance (iriguchi)

へんめ (henme): snake (hebi)

べろ (bero): very much, a lot (totemo, sugoku)

弁当鉢 (bentoubachi): bento box (bentobako)

ぺら (pera): talker, someone with loose lips; ex: やろはぺらだがあ (yaro ha pera da gaa) -> aitsu ha kuchi ga karui kara (he’s a talker)


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