Introduction to Ibarakese 11

It’s finally getting a little cooler, just watch out for typhoons!

This we have ‘ho’;)

ほーかー、ほーけー、ほーがー (ho-ka-, ho-ke-, ho-ga-): Is that so? I see (sou nan da)

ほーたに (ho-tani): that much (sonna ni); ex: ほーたにおごんなくてもよかっぺよ (ho-tani ogonnakutemo yokappe yo) -> sonna ni okoranakutemo ii desho (you don’t have to get so angry about it)

 ほう (hou): hey, see, well (hora, hore, saa); ex: やっとほう (yatto hou) -> saa yaruzo (well, let’s do it)

ほがほが (hogahoga): I see I see, I understand, that’s right isn’t it (souka souka)

ほご (hogo): there, that (soko); ex: ほごじゃあんめ (hogo ja anme) -> soko ja nai daro (that’s not it!)

ほじゃあんめ、ほじゃんめ (ho ja anme, ho janme): that’s not right, what are you talking about (sou ja nai desho)

ほだ、ほだっぺ、ほだっぺよ (hoda, hodappe, hodappe yo): that’s right (sou da); also ほだほだ (hoda hoda) is more agreement (sou da sou da)


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