Ishioka Festival

Date: September 15-17, 2012

Location: City Center in front of JR Joban Line Ishioka Station, and Hitachinokuni Soujya Shrine.

The Ishioka Festival, one of the Three Great Kanto Festivals, is held every year at Hitachinokuni Soujya Shrine. From giant formal portable Shinto shrines, to luxuriously ornate floats and brave lion dancers pulling over 40 “lion carts” through the middle of town, this 3 day festival brings in over 400,000 visitors every year from all over Japan!

For more details and pics you can also check out my coverage of the festival from last year^^


September 15th (Saturday)  

Main Festival・Shinkou Festival  8:30~ Rope Festival (Hitachonokuni          Soujya Shrine)

14:00~ Giant Portable Shinto Shrines (Hitachinokuni Soujya Shrine)


September 16th (Sunday)

Houshuku (Celebration) Festival   11:00~ Dedication Sumo (Hitachinokuni Soujya Shrine)

13:00~ Myoujin Portable Shrines, Sacred music (Hitachinokuni Soujya Shrine)

15:00~ Lion Cart Dance Parade (Street in front of the station)

19:00~ Float Parade (Street in front of the station)


September 17th (Monday)

Kankou Festival                    14:00~ Portable Shinto Shrines (Street in front of the station)


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