Upcoming Events

Autumn Festival of Roses 2012

Dates: October 6th – November 13th, 9am to 5pm

(Closed on Mondays)

Location: Ibaraki Flower Park, Ishioka City

Price: Adults 740 yen, Children 370 yen (group discounts available)

Special Price Day: All entrance fees on November 13th will be half price!

The Ibaraki Flower Park in Ishioka will be holding the annual Autumn Festival of Roses 2012, where visitors can see over 30,000 roses of nearly 650 different varieties. At the same time, they will also be holding the Dahlia Festival, showing nearly 1,800 Dahlia flowers of almost 280 varieties. While the flowers are the main attraction, visitors will also be able to take part wonderful events and get a chance to enjoy several art exhibits scattered throughout the festival. There will also be various vendors selling roses and various groups giving different lessons on different days inside the park. So if you have a chance, come enjoy all the beauty and fun that this festival has to offer!


■     Dahlia Popularity Contest

Dates: September 29th – October 14th

Guests will be able to select their favorite Dahlia flower, and the most popular one will be selected at the end of the festival!


■     Jazz Performances

Date: October 14th, from 11am and 2pm

Enjoy various jazz performances by an amateur jazz ensemble.


■     Kocarina Performances

Date: October 21st, from 11am and 2 pm

Feel the nice, bright, and healing sounds of the small wind instrument, the “kocarina”.



■     Mountain Wildflowers of Fall

Dates: September 23rd – October 14th

Different creations made from typical fall wildflowers will be on display.


■     Ibaraki Flower Park Picture Gallery

Dates: October 2nd – October 31st

Photos taken inside the park from all four seasons will be on display.


■     Bonsai Exhibit

Dates: November 1st – November 4th

Yasato Bonsai Society’s hard work will come together and be on display for all to view!


…Plus many more events, exhibits, presents, vendors, and classes throughout the festival!!


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