Upcoming Events

Kasumigaura Gourmet Festival 2012

Date: October 13th, 2012, 8am to 4pm (cancelled only if rough weather)

Location: Kasumigaura City Ayumizaki Park

Price: Free Admission (Food Separate)

Come for the chance to taste a variety of local gourmets from around the Kasumigaura area! There will be everything from Kashima’s yaki dango, Itako’s local rice balls, Tsuchiura’s local curry, Omitama’s omelet rice, and much more! There will also be a limited amount of free ramen, as well as special appearances by food analyst Hiroshi Fujiwara, endurance cyclist Shinri Suzuki, and also a musical performance by Sally Onitsuka! The Lakeside Cycle Festa Kasumigarua Endurance will also take place at the same time, so those who love cycling will be able to watch and cheer on the racers! This is a pair of energetic and tasty events that you can’t miss!


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