Introduction to Ibarakese 12

Fall is finally here! In Japan fall is considered the best time for food, the arts, reading, and studying, so here are some new words to pick up in your (much cooler!) spare time^^

まいっぱ (maippa): Every time, each occasion (maido/maikai)

まぎめ (magime): Eyebrows (mayuge)

まぐまぐ (magumagu): Confusion, chaos (konran)

まぢっぽい (majippoi): Very bright light, shiny (mabushii)

まっかん (makkan): Bright red (someone’s face), completely red (object), (makka)

まっかん (makkan): McDonald’s coffee…

まっかんちっかん (makkanchikkan): Bright red (someone’s face), all red (object), (makka)

まっくろすっけろ (makkurosukkero): All black (makkuro)

まっちろけっけ (macchirokekke): All white (masshiro)

まっつぁお (mattsao): Sickly (someone’s face), all blue (object), (massao)

まっつぐ (mattsugu): Straightforward, straight ahead, in a straight line (massugu)

まっと (matto): More (motto)

まっぴかり (mappikari): Someone or something that appears very light or bright or cheerful

まてる、までる (materu, maderu): Clean up, tidy up (katazukeru)

For more info about Ibaraki, please see our homepage!


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