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Steam Locomotive Returns to Suigun Line!

Dates: November 30th – December 2nd

Operation Area: Hitachi-Daigo Station ←→ Mito Station ※One trip per day


After nearly 14 years, a steam locomotive will run on the Suigun Line. The Suigun Line (recently nicknamed “Okukuji Seiryu Line”) attracts popularity as the local line that connects Mito Station in Ibaraki with Asakanagamori Station in Fukushima, as well as branching off at Kamisugaya Station to continue on to Hitachi-Ota Station.

With the steam locomotive running along the Suigun Line (between Mito Station and Hitachi-Daigo Station), there will be tons of fun things, beautiful things, and delicious things to enjoy! The nostalgia of the Okukuji Area is waiting for you!

■     Train Schedule■

<Outbound Train> Diesel Locomotive Okukuji Seiryu Line Train

Hitachi-Daigo Station 9:00am Departure → Mito Station 10:33am Arrival


<Inbound Train> Steam Locomotive Okukuji Seiryu Line Train

Mito Station 12:00pm Departure → Hitachi-Daigo Station 2:17pm Arrival

For more information, please visit: http://suigunsen.lolipop.jp/ (Japanese only)

For more info about Ibaraki or Okukuji, please see our homepage!


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