Upcoming Events

Art Tower Mito Starlight Fantasy

Dates: December 1st (Saturday) – January 13th (Sunday)

Illumination Time: 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: Art Tower Mito, Mito Station North Exit Square


Art Tower Mito Starlight Fantasy is a local residents’ handmade fantasy that begins with the hope “to give children a dream once a year”.


Art Tower Mito, the surrounding buildings and trees, as well as Mito Station North Exit’s clock tower and surroundings trees will be decorated with a countless amount of illumination lights. There will also be various fun events throughout the Fantasy!



■     Light Up Gathering

Date: December 1st (Saturday) 4:50pm –

Location: Art Tower Mito

The illumination displays with be lit with a huge gathering of over 100 Santas!!


■     Christmas Concert

Date: December 2nd (Sunday)
Location: Art Tower Mito Concert Hall

Enjoy an energetic performance and chorus put on by elementary school students.


■     Countdown & Happy New Year

Dates: December 31st (Monday) – January 1st (Tuesday) 10:00pm –

Location: Art Tower Mito

Welcome the New Year with everyone while enjoying music and live performances!


■     Starlight Children’s Drawing Exhibit

Dates: February 19th (Tuesday) – March 1st (Friday)

Location: Art Tower Mito Entrance Hall

For more info about Mito, please see our homepage!


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