Ibarakese 14

Happy New Year all! To start off this year’s updates we have two different syllables, because each had few entries on its own.


ぬくとい、のことい (nukutoi, nokotoi): warm (atatakai)


ぬくどぼっち (nukudobocchi): sun-bathing (hinatabokko)


ぬぐだまる、ぬぐどまる (nugudamaru, nugudomaru): to warm up (something)




わーか (waaka): a bit, a little (chotto, sukoshi)


わぎゃねえ、わっきゃねえ (wagyanee, wakkyanee): okay, no problem (daijoubu, wake nai)


わけし、わげし、わげーし、わげーてい、わげーていら (wakeshi, wageshi, wageeshi, wageetei, wageeteira): Young people/youths (wakamono)


わっら (warra): you guys, you (plural) (anata-tachi)


わやく (wayaku): reckless, rambunctious (yancha, mucha)


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