Upcoming Events

1st Annual World Chocolate Festival

Chocolate lovers unite!

This creative festival is being held as a charity event contributing to the recovery efforts from the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. Beginning February 2nd and running until March 10th, Mito will be filled with chocolate and chocolate-related events, for a very sweet spring.




Chocolate Exhibition

Chocolate objets d’art and chocolate posters will be on display in the entrance hall of the Mito Art Gallery (Art Tower Mito) and in a special venue in the parking lot of the Keisei department store.


Chocolate Sales

Chocolate from around the world will be on sale throughout the city, including premium brands such as Godiva!


Commemorative Photo Chocolate

Every weekend at the Keisei parking plaza venue you will be able to have your picture taken to be inserted on the label of a chocolate bar you can give to someone special. Here’s your chance to make a personalized chocolate bar, make sure you don’t miss it!


Chocolate Charity Concert

On February 24th the Mito Art Gallery will be hosting a charity concert whose proceeds will go towards helping with recovery efforts from the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. The performances are from:

Part 1 (1pm):

Mito Shinsou Elementary School Brass Ensemble

Lilyvale Elementary School 6th Graders (vocal)

Mito Keimei High School Express Jazz Orchestra

Part 2 (3pm):

Bumblebeat (Beach Boys style)

Cohirozy (guitar and vocals)

Senor Senorita (latin guitar and vocals)

Takeshi Shibanuma (guitar and vocals)

B Train Jazz Orchestra


Making the World’s Longest Chocolate Roll Cake

On March 9th at 3pm, the Mito Art Gallery will be the scene for a new gourmet world record. There is a limit of 100 people who can participate (1000 yen per person, you get to eat the cake!), so make sure to reserve your spot quickly at http://world-choco-fes.com/form.html


Chocolate Cake Garden Party

On March 8th, 9th, and 10th, from 11-7 the Keisei department store will host a chocolate cake garden party for 1000 people. Each person will be able to choose 6 cakes to eat (1300 yen per person) during this time, so it is the perfect chance to find your favorite. Participants will be selected by random drawing, to apply you must obtain a form from Stenogroup, Yamashin, or Book Ace and mail it in.


For more information about Mito, please see our homepage


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