Ibarakese 15

Starting to get a little warmer, but not sure we’re out of the woods yet. The plum blossoms are just starting to bloom!

This time we have ‘tsu’:

~っぽ (~ppo): to describe a certain characteristic of a person. Ex: Mitoppo = Mitoite (Mitojin), Akireppo = easily bored person (akippoi hito), okorippo = easily angered person (okorippoi hito), etc

つーげづら (tsu-gezura): a cold-looking face, looking unwell (kao-iro warui)

ついんぼ (tsuibo): cane (tsue)

~つける (~tsukeru): expression used when collaborating with or helping someone. Ex: 持ってつける (motte tsukeru) -> motsu no wo tetsudau (help carry/hold something), 行ってつける (itte tsukeru) -> tsukiau (go with someone somewhere)

つこでる (tsukoderu): fall, trip, roll down (ochiru, korobu, korogaru)

つとめ (tsutome): a worker, a salaryman, an employee (kaishain)


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