Upcoming Events

Koga Peach Festival

Enjoy each type of peach blossom!

Location: Koga Sogo Park

Dates: Wednesday, March 20th – Sunday, April 7th

With a total of 5 different types of peach trees (yaguchi, genpei, kikumomo, juseito, and kanpaku) boastfully blooming flowers, you will certainly believe you have found a wonderful utopia. Although yaguchi peach trees make up of a large portion of the park, each type can be thoroughly enjoyed in different parts of the park (genpei in the northwest, kikumomo and kanpaku in the north, and juseito in the east).

Types of peach trees and their characteristics:

Yaguchi: Pink colored flowers, bloom mid March to early April

Genpei: Rouge, white, or pink flowers (depending on variety), bloom early to mid April

Kikumomo: Red and pink flowers that cluster

Kanpaku: White flowers

koga peachFor more info about Koga, please see our website^^


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