Deli Discovery

Seemingly dropped from the sky into a slightly rural part of Mito near the government offices, Thomas Cafe offers New York-style deli eats in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. If you’ve been craving an authentic bagel or wrap, or just want to try some pumpkin cheesecake, this is the place to be.

The actual building itself is loosely divided in two, with one half being the Thomas Café and the other being the Green Banana Thai restaurant, but they share the same entrance and salad bar. On Thomas’ side there is an airy, sunroom-type layout with couches that positively envelop you and pleasant jazz music for accompaniment. Not to mention, if you are killing some time they have Japanese copies of Where’s Waldo on hand to entertain people of all ages.


The menu offers things either as a la carte, such as the huge bagel sandwiches or mouthwatering wraps, or in a combination meal with the deli offerings. Right in front of the entrance is the ubiquitous deli case, well-stocked with various small dishes of an innovative type: mushroom gratin with salmon, eggplant parmesan with tuna, ratatouille, etc. With the combo deal you can choose one main item, bagel or wrap, and two or three deli dishes to complement it, plus you get free access to the salad, soup, and drink bar and a choice of desserts. The desserts are as varied as the deli offerings, ranging from fruit-and-yogurt concoctions to unusual flavors of cheesecake, with stop-overs including jellies and puddings of all kinds, as well as sherbets and ice creams. This is a temptation that can be hard to resist.


However, if you’re not in the mood for a full-course meal, they do have an abundant selection of salads and drinks, including smoothies made with real fruit (you can even choose to combine two or three different items to make your own smoothie) and some nice teas.

This is one of those places that you end up coming back to over and over again due to the consistently high quality food and generally soothing surroundings, and definitely somewhere you should check out if you happen to be in the neighborhood.



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