Upcoming Events

24th Annual Ryujin Gorge Carp Streamer Festival

Dates: Saturday, April 27th – Sunday, May 19th

Time: Bridge is open 8:30am – 5:00pm

Location: Ryujin Suspension Bridge (Hitachiota City)

Fee: Adults 300 yen, Junior high school and younger 200 yen (to cross the bridge)

Sights and Attractions:

○     A school of 1,000 carp streamers

○     Mini welcome carp streamers

○     Food fair

○     Booths selling local products and vegetables

○     What’s that!? Quiz

○     Photo contest

○     Exhibit of photo contest winners

○     Outdoor tea ceremony (May 4th only)

○     Free puffed rice candy (Junior high school students and younger, May 5th only)

○     Caricature drawings (May 5th only)

Free bridge crossing on May 5th for Junior high school students and younger!


Upcoming Events

Living National Treasure: MATSUI Kosei - A Retrospective

Interweaving Patterns, Colorful Symphony

Through “marbled ware”, pottery created by the technique of combining and molding different colored clays to create a pattern, MATSUI Kosei (1927-2003) became the first Showa period-born potter to be named a Living National Treasure. This exhibit, housing over 100 pieces of his work, is a 10 year after-death retrospective.

Dates: Saturday, April 20th – Sunday, June 16th

*Closed Mondays and June 7th

Time: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm (Last entry at 4:30 pm)

Location: Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum (Kasama City)

Price: General admission 700 yen, Senior high and university students 500 yen, Elementary and junior high school students 250 yen

*Free entry for those 70 years of age and older or those who hold a disability certificate

*Free entry for senior high school students and younger on Saturdays (except during long holidays)


Upcoming Events

Celebrating the 1300th Anniversary of the Hitachinokuni Regional Cartograph

The imperial decree to compile the Hitachinokuni Regional Cartograph (henceforth: Fudoki) was issued in 713 CE, making 2013 the 1300 anniversary of its release. A Fudoki is a detailed description of the land, culture, population, climate, and other elements that make up a specific area at a certain point in time, essentially making it a snapshot of that region in that era. This is your chance to learn about what Ibaraki was like 1300 years ago, back before the trains and plum trees and samurai ever existed.

Prefectural Events:

1. Hitachinokuni Fudoki 1300th Anniversary Forum and Festa

Period: November, 2013

Location: Prefectural Resident Cultural Center (Kenmin Bunka Center)

Description: Introduction to the world of the Hitachinokuni Fudoki, including videos, music, and a recitation of the document; talk show with the Ibaraki Ambassador to introduce the highlights of current Ibaraki


2. Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History Gallery Exhibit

Period: August to December, 2013

Location: Ibaraki Prefectural Museum of History

Description: Display of the Fudoki manuscript, etc.


3. Ibaraki Fudoki Newspaper Competition

There will be a call for newspaper-style versions of the imperial decree for the compilation of the Fudoki, and prizes for the best efforts.


4. Development of Cuisine Related to the Fudoki

There will be development of recipes using produce from the Fudoki era, perhaps leading to new product lines at convenience stores.


Related Events Within the Prefecture:



Path of the Ancients, The Tokaido Station Route Through Hitachinokuni

Period: March 16th to May 6th, 2013

Location: Kami-Takatsu Kaizuka Furusato Rekishi no Hiroba

Description: Exhibition – An introduction of materials related to the imperial roads which were laid in the latter half of the 7th century CE, overview of the records of wayhouses seen in the Hitachinokuni Fudoki, etc.

Commemorative Seminar ‘The Old Imperial Roads of Hitachinokuni’

Special Exhibit Seminar ‘Taking a closer look at the old imperial roads’


Joyo Geibun Center:

Joyo Historical Center Special Exhibit ‘The World of the Hitachinokuni Fudoki’

Period: April 2nd to May 19th, 2013

Location: Joyo Shiryokan

Description: An exhibition of illustrations and diagrams giving an overview and idea of the highlight entries in the Hitachinokuni Fudoki; exhibits of artifacts from related historical sites on the theme of ‘Clothing, food, and housing in the Hitachinokuni Fudoki’, as well as mannequin and panel exhibits



An Event Commemorating the 1300th Anniversary of the Compilation of the Hitachinokuni Fudoki – ‘Discovering the wonders of Japan, a journey through our ancestral homeland!’

Period: May 3rd and 4th, 2013

Location: Takahagi Cultural Center, Takahagi Eisei Tsushin Kinen Koen

Description: Booths, outdoor stage performances, workshops, concerts, etc.



The Eternal World of the 1300 Year Fudoki Symposium

Period: 1) October 6th, 2) July to November, 3) August 31st and September 1st, 2013

Location: 1) Hotel Okura Frontier Tsukuba, 2) around Namegata and Itako, 3) within Namegata and Itako

Description: 1) Regional Interaction Symposium for the 5 Fudoki, 2) mobile panel exhibit, 3) tour (with mini-seminar)


Creating and Learning as a Family

Period: 1) May 11th, 2) June 8th, 3) July 13th

Location: within Namegata

Description: 1) Let’s play with Mikot! (making magatama jewels), 2) Let’s make an ancient meal with Mikot! (recreating a historic meal and making it together), 3) Let’s walk through the world of the Fudoki with Mikot! (investigating areas related to the Fudoki)



Special Exhibition Event, ‘Shidorinosato and Surrounds’

Period: October 26th to December 8th, 2013

Location: Naka Rekishi Minzoku Shiryokan, Multi-purpose hall

Description: Exhibition of related documents, and events (seminars, traditional weaving try-outs, walks around Shidorinosato)



Hirazawa Kangai Iseki Shiryo Plaza 10th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition/Seminar, ‘The Hirazawa Kangai Relics and Ancient Tsukuba’

Period: Fall, 2013

Location: City Hall, Cultural Artifact Management Center, etc

Description: In order to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Hirazawa Kangai Iseki Shiryo Plaza, which is a restoration of the relic of the Hitachinokuni Tsukuba City Hall from the Nara-Heian eras, there will be artifact exhibits and seminars.



Special Exhibit ‘The Hitachinokuni Fudoki and Ibaraki Prefecture’, commemorative seminars and tours

Period: August to November, 2013

Location: Kasumigaura Kyodo Shiryokan

Description: The various industries described in the Hitachinokuni Fudoki, such as rice planting, fishing, forging, and weaving, continue to be practiced today. This exhibit will use archaeological and historical documents as well as modern day produce and manufacturing products to display the wonderful aspects that represent Ibaraki Prefecture. We will also talk about the quintessential attractions that led to Hitachinokuni (modern-day Ibaraki) being praised as the ‘land of eternity’. As part of the tour we will be visiting places related to the Fudoki, such as Tsukuba, Shida, Namegata, and Nakagun, eating local produce, and enjoying the attractions of Ibaraki Prefecture.



Dokidoki Center Exhibition/Mini-museum exhibition, historical seminar ‘Kashima Shingun and Expansion into Tohoku’

Period: July and August, September and October, 2013

Location: Dokidoki Center, Mini-museum, Kinro Cultural Center, Regional Machizukuri Center

Description: Exhibitions of photos of estimated modern day areas related to the place names written in the Hitachinokuni Fudoki, historical seminars on the theme of the era of the Hitachinokuni Fudoki, etc.


Upcoming Events

32nd Annual Kasama Himatsuri

Dates: Monday, April 29th – Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Location: Kasama Park Geijutsu no Mori Event Square (2345 Kasama City)

Price: Free admission into the park!

Kasama Himatsuri, one of the biggest events in Ibaraki Prefecture, is held every year from April 29th until May 5th. Over 200 ceramists, potters, and booths selling local goods and food will come together on the vast and lush green “Kasama Park Geijutsu no Mori Event Square”. Visitors will be welcomed by shops and works rich with individuality. This is definitely a festival full of types of pottery and art you can’t see anywhere else!

*For more information and a video about Kasama Himatsuri, visit www.himatsuri.net (Japanese only)


Upcoming Events

Coca-cola Old/Now Car Festival

Date: May 5th, 2013, 8am to 5pm

Location: Tsukuba Circuit

Admission: Entry ticket (pre-order) 2500yen/(same day) 3000yen; Paddock pass = 1000yen; Parking = 1000yen

This perennially popular car festival has been running since 1986, entering its 27th year in 2013. Packed with events for both young and old, this is a must-see for car enthusiasts.

Circuit Events:

  •  Old/Now Supercar Demo Run
  •  Roadster Party Race II
  •  Historic Car Circuit Run
  •  JAF Tsukuba Super FJ Driver Series 2
  •  Ferrari Cup
  •  Old/Now Car Contest 2013: Vote for your favorite Old and New cars!
  •  Old/Now Childrens’ Photo Contest: Collects photos taken by elementary school children of cars within the festival. Photo courses will be offered by pro cameramen.
  •  Coca-cola Circuit Parade Run: For people with cars who buy Coca-cola within the grounds. This is your chance to drive a real circuit in your own car!
  •  Ikezawa Hayato’s ‘Circuit Wolf’ Museum Special Demo Run: This ‘Circuit Wolf Museum’ was set up in commemoration of Ikezawa Hayato’s 40th year as a manga artist. Along with a recreation of the Ferrari Dino Racing Special, the Lotus Europa Special, the Porsche Carrera RS2.7, and the Ferrari Dino 246GT (all of which are normally found in the museum) will be taking a turn around the track. Mr. Ikezawa himself plans to take the wheel.

Old/Now Family Land:

*You must have a Paddock Pass as well as a ticket to enter Family Land (middle school and under enter free); there is a special currency that can be purchased inside, 300 Oruns for 500yen, 1000 Oruns for 1500yen (cannot be exchanged for cash).

  •  Keisho Dslot43 Try-out Corner
  •  Stage Shows: Special Live Performances by Tagawa Hiroaki, LADYON, ShimonChu; Juden Sentai Kyoryuja (Dinosaur Ranger Electric Beast Squad) character show; CG special talkshow (a talk about the future of sports cars by CG’s Kato, complete with a MacLaren MP4-12C!)
  •  Optimus Prime and F1 Circuit Bouncy Castles (200 Oruns for 10min)
  •  Carnival Corner (100 Oruns per game)
  •  Circuit Bus Tour (200 Oruns per rider): Your guide will be the Tsukuba Circuit Race Queen!
  •  Food court and kids’ space
  •  NAPAC Affiliated Vendor Booths: Car parts and accessories for sale from NAPAC affiliated organizations…this may be your chance to find that piece you’ve been looking for!


Upcoming Events

4th Annual Tatsunokuchi Sakura Festival

Dates : April 2nd to April 14th, 2013

Location: Tatsunokuchi Shinsui Park/Kuji River Dam Sakura Embankment

The cherry blossoms along the Kuji River will be lit up for approximately one week from the start of the festival, for a total illuminated distance of 1300m (may be cancelled during rain).


4/13 – Stamp Rally (10am until supplies run out)

Refreshment booths (10am onward)

Onose High Wind Ensemble Performance (1:30 – 2pm)

Tourism Ambassador Photo Op (11 – 11:30am/6 – 6:30pm)

Fireworks (7 – 7:30pm)


Upcoming Events

51st Annual Hitachi Sakura Festival

Hitachi’s famous Sakura Festival is once again filled with exciting events and beautiful sights, and the cherry trees will be lit up from 6pm to 11pm for the duration of the festival. This year’s cherry blossoms are blooming earlier than ever, so we have added a few extra events so that everyone can enjoy them for as long as possible!


Dates: April 1st to April 21st, 2013

Locations: Heiwa-dori, Kamine Park, Juo Panorama Park


Events :


4/5 – Car-free zone (Heiwa-dori, 6-9pm) : Enjoy an evening walk under the lit-up cherry trees.


4/6 – 1st Annual Genki Festival (Ginza-dori, 10am – 7pm): Flea markets, raffles, supercar show, car audio show, hula dancing, bands, Yosakoi dancing, balloon art, and more!


4/7 – Car-free zone (Heiwa-dori, 12-6pm): Food booths, tourist booths, souvenirs


4/13 – 14 – Hitachi’s Traditional Culture (4/13 = 2pm/5pm/7pm, 4/14 = 1pm/3pm): The famous UNESCO registered intangible cultural heritage floats will be on display in the streets.

Hitachi’s Sasara dance (4/14 = 12pm/2pm): Come see the dancers frolic amongst the spring colors.

Hitachi’s 2013 Spring Dance Festival (4/13 = 9am to 6:30pm, 4/14 = 12pm to 5:15pm)

*All of the above are at Heiwa-dori!