Upcoming Events

51st Annual Hitachi Sakura Festival

Hitachi’s famous Sakura Festival is once again filled with exciting events and beautiful sights, and the cherry trees will be lit up from 6pm to 11pm for the duration of the festival. This year’s cherry blossoms are blooming earlier than ever, so we have added a few extra events so that everyone can enjoy them for as long as possible!


Dates: April 1st to April 21st, 2013

Locations: Heiwa-dori, Kamine Park, Juo Panorama Park


Events :


4/5 – Car-free zone (Heiwa-dori, 6-9pm) : Enjoy an evening walk under the lit-up cherry trees.


4/6 – 1st Annual Genki Festival (Ginza-dori, 10am – 7pm): Flea markets, raffles, supercar show, car audio show, hula dancing, bands, Yosakoi dancing, balloon art, and more!


4/7 – Car-free zone (Heiwa-dori, 12-6pm): Food booths, tourist booths, souvenirs


4/13 – 14 – Hitachi’s Traditional Culture (4/13 = 2pm/5pm/7pm, 4/14 = 1pm/3pm): The famous UNESCO registered intangible cultural heritage floats will be on display in the streets.

Hitachi’s Sasara dance (4/14 = 12pm/2pm): Come see the dancers frolic amongst the spring colors.

Hitachi’s 2013 Spring Dance Festival (4/13 = 9am to 6:30pm, 4/14 = 12pm to 5:15pm)

*All of the above are at Heiwa-dori!



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