Upcoming Events

Coca-cola Old/Now Car Festival

Date: May 5th, 2013, 8am to 5pm

Location: Tsukuba Circuit

Admission: Entry ticket (pre-order) 2500yen/(same day) 3000yen; Paddock pass = 1000yen; Parking = 1000yen

This perennially popular car festival has been running since 1986, entering its 27th year in 2013. Packed with events for both young and old, this is a must-see for car enthusiasts.

Circuit Events:

  •  Old/Now Supercar Demo Run
  •  Roadster Party Race II
  •  Historic Car Circuit Run
  •  JAF Tsukuba Super FJ Driver Series 2
  •  Ferrari Cup
  •  Old/Now Car Contest 2013: Vote for your favorite Old and New cars!
  •  Old/Now Childrens’ Photo Contest: Collects photos taken by elementary school children of cars within the festival. Photo courses will be offered by pro cameramen.
  •  Coca-cola Circuit Parade Run: For people with cars who buy Coca-cola within the grounds. This is your chance to drive a real circuit in your own car!
  •  Ikezawa Hayato’s ‘Circuit Wolf’ Museum Special Demo Run: This ‘Circuit Wolf Museum’ was set up in commemoration of Ikezawa Hayato’s 40th year as a manga artist. Along with a recreation of the Ferrari Dino Racing Special, the Lotus Europa Special, the Porsche Carrera RS2.7, and the Ferrari Dino 246GT (all of which are normally found in the museum) will be taking a turn around the track. Mr. Ikezawa himself plans to take the wheel.

Old/Now Family Land:

*You must have a Paddock Pass as well as a ticket to enter Family Land (middle school and under enter free); there is a special currency that can be purchased inside, 300 Oruns for 500yen, 1000 Oruns for 1500yen (cannot be exchanged for cash).

  •  Keisho Dslot43 Try-out Corner
  •  Stage Shows: Special Live Performances by Tagawa Hiroaki, LADYON, ShimonChu; Juden Sentai Kyoryuja (Dinosaur Ranger Electric Beast Squad) character show; CG special talkshow (a talk about the future of sports cars by CG’s Kato, complete with a MacLaren MP4-12C!)
  •  Optimus Prime and F1 Circuit Bouncy Castles (200 Oruns for 10min)
  •  Carnival Corner (100 Oruns per game)
  •  Circuit Bus Tour (200 Oruns per rider): Your guide will be the Tsukuba Circuit Race Queen!
  •  Food court and kids’ space
  •  NAPAC Affiliated Vendor Booths: Car parts and accessories for sale from NAPAC affiliated organizations…this may be your chance to find that piece you’ve been looking for!



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