Upcoming Events

2013 Hitachi Sand Art Festival

Date : July 14th, 2013, 10am – 8 :30pm

Location: Kawarago Beach (free shuttle bus from Hitachi-Taga Station)

The annual big beach event of the area is upon us again. Just like last year, this year’s sand festival promises larger-than-life sand art creations from various artists (last year’s highlights were Ghibli and One Piece characters), interesting events, and a breath-taking fireworks finish.


Sand Art Creation/Exhibit (begins July 5th)

Come see the skills of a pro in action as artist Toshihiko Hosaka transform 50t of sand into a work of art!

Ocean Activities

Includes small sand art classes, water gun fights, boat tours, banana boat rides, aqua ball, etc.

Sports Activities

Sand art teams, dance and music performances

Vendor Booth Cook-Off

The first 2000 people between 10am and 4pm will help decide this year’s best entrant!



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